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Big Green Egg

big green egg

Big Green Egg®

The Ultimate Cooking Experience!'

  • Simple to Start
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Safer to use
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Patented Technology

Our products are the result of 20 years of development and the best ceramics ever designed for cooking.

Introducing the all-new, heavy-duty ceramic Big Green Egg®!

Kamado-style cookers were invented thousands of years ago. Even ancient designs of this venerable cooker produced remarkable results. However, their use and durability were limited by existing clays and ceramics.

These ceramic cookers became brittle with use and would eventually crack. They also were incapable of withstanding the high heat needed for modern grilling. They also couldn’t be used in the rain or frigid weather.

With the introduction of the first Big Green Egg® over two decades ago, we improved upon these older designs. Still not satisfied, we continued to search the world for ceramic products and manufacturing processes that could make our product even better.

We developed new ceramics engineered for the space age. We created a modern, more precise manufacturing process.

We added new features that the ancients could only dream about. Thus, the advanced design of the Big Green Egg®, with its incredible cooking qualities, became a reality.

If you have ever dried out or burned a meal on another grill, you’ll discover a new friend with your Big Green Egg®. Our BGE® ceramics are unbelievably forgiving, producing juicy, flavorful results even for a beginner. Our ceramics are magic. No other cooker can compare!

Big Green Egg®

World’s Best Smoker and Grill

  • Ceramics That Will Last a Lifetime
  • Uses No Water – Will Not Rust
  • Foods Juicy – Meats Succulent
  • Savory Flavors – Naturally Tender
  • No Lighter Fluid Needed
  • Reaches Temperature in 10 Minutes
  • Year-Round Use in Any Weather
  • One Bag of Charcoal Lasts Months
  • Practically No Cleanup – Little Ash
  • Smokes and Grills in Less Time
  • Turkey – Ready in Two to Three Hours – Juicy!
  • Ribs – “fall off the bone!”
  • Steaks in Six Minutes – Seared Perfectly
  • Fish and Seafood – World Class!
  • Vegetables, Breads, Pizzas – Lots More!

The new Big Green Egg® is the most versatile and effective outdoor cooker ever designed for smoking, grilling, roasting, baking and barbecuing all kinds of foods.

Big Green Egg® ceramics will withstand temperatures beyond 2,000°F without damage. You can use your “Egg” in any weather – sun, rain, snow or subzero temperatures.

The Big Green Egg® is unequaled both as a grill and a smoker. For high-temperature searing of steaks, for low-and-slow cooking or even for brick-oven baking, the “Egg” will do it all. It will replace any combination of cookers you have, including your oven.

Durability and beauty are enhanced by a brilliant gem-like Mexican glaze. This nontoxic, lead-free glaze is a lifetime finish that will never fade, discolor or weather.

Other new features with the “Egg” include stainless steel fasteners, heavy-gauge metal support bands, stainless steel draft doors, cushioned gaskets, porcelain non-stick grills and Auto-Lock® bands (optional).

The Big Green Egg® ceramics will last a lifetime. The “Egg” will withstand heavy-duty – even commercial – use. The more you cook on it, the better it gets!

Our company goal was to enter the 21st century with the best outdoor cooker ever made. Testimonials from around the world indicate that we have succeeded. The Big Green Egg® is here today, ready for you to begin the joy of a lifetime of cooking.

30 Pounds
65 Pounds
95 Pounds
140 Pounds
9.5-Inch Grid
13-Inch Grid
15-Inch Grid
18.25-Inch Grid
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